EMC conductive spray coating

Plastic components offer many advantages to device manufacturers and medical professionals. Some key considerations are how the end product will be used in the healthcare setting. EMC – electromagnetic compatibilityWe incorporate a range of advanced coating materials that act as a shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. This is important in the medical industry where […]

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OGM invests £500,000 in cleanroom expansion

Leading plastic injection moulding company OGM (Owen Greenings and Mumford Ltd.) is investing £500,000 to expand the cleanroom at its factory in Oxford. The first stage of the project is due to be complete in May. The investment will fund a 25% increase in the footprint of the existing cleanroom plus the acquisition of two

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The biggest benefit plastic injection moulding offers the medical device industry is versatility. This can be attributed to the range of medical components and the type of materials suitable for the injection moulding process. Range of medical components Injection moulding can produce single use smaller components and assemblies, such as consumable tools for surgeons and

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