EMC conductive spray coating

Benefits of plastic injection moulded equipment for medical use

Plastic components offer many advantages to device manufacturers and medical professionals. Some key considerations are how the end product will be used in the healthcare setting.

  • EMC – electromagnetic compatibility
    We incorporate a range of advanced coating materials that act as a shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. This is important in the medical industry where electromagnetic energy is used for scans and X-rays.
  • Sterility
    Plastic injection moulded medical devices and components can withstand high temperatures and harsh detergents used during sterilisation. In addition, plastic doesn’t harbour bacteria so is less likely to cause cross-contamination.
  • Compliance
    There are many materials and components already classified as medical grade approved because plastics have been used in the healthcare industry for a long time. This will simplify your product approval process. We are ISO 13485:2016 (medical) approved for medical manufacturing and also have an ISO 7 cleanroom.

    We use a range of medical grade plastics to manufacture single use or biodegradable components for medical devices, implants, procedure testing kits, dental equipment and PPE.
  • Weight reduction
    Plastic is a more lightweight material than metal which is useful for portable medical instruments or surgical equipment that is used during long operations.
  • Durability, flexibility and impact resistance
    Medical devices need to be strong and durable to withstand general wear and tear and sudden impacts.Injection moulded plastics can handle harsh environments and are resistant to vibration and sudden force. The molecules within the plastic resin are forced together at high pressure creating a tight bond that prevents breakages or cracks.

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