Medical Injection Mould Design and Prototyping

OGM Medical is very strong on making sure the design and prototyping stage considers design for manufacture at a later stage

Medical Components and Device Designs

Using the latest 3D CAD and Moldflow® simulation software, our in-house technical team and tool designers can help you with everything you need to produce a successful injection mould design including the best choice of medical grade materials.

In addition, if you do not have access to your original drawings and designs we have the ability to use 3D scanning technology that enables us to reverse engineer your finished product to assist with the re-design process. This is often particularly helpful to our customers who are reshoring and need to re-design from scratch.

Prototyping for Medical Components

With in-house capabilities, our expert team works with you throughout the design for manufacture process so that every step from prototyping to production is as smooth as possible. 

We also support universities and academia in bringing their products to market.

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